Our Story

First Korean Charcoal BBQ in Singapore


JUSHINJUNG is the first Korean Charcoal barbecue restaurant in Singapore.

Long before the Korean wave and increase of Korean restaurants in Singapore during the late 2000s, JUSHINJUNG opened its first West Coast branch and gradually expanded to the East coast and central areas.

JUSHINJUNG has been doing its best to introduce the then exotic cuisine of Korean barbecue to the local community, to bring back the nostalgic flavours to the Korean community in Singapore, and also to provide quality service and diversity of Korean food, ranging from traditional to fusion foods.



Alexandra (Formerly West Coast) : 26 Sep 2003

Robertson Walk (Formerly Damotory) : 30 Mar 2012

Katong : 01 July 2008 to 06 Dec 2013 (Closed)

 Guillemard : 12 Dec 2013 to 19 July 2020 (Closed)

Yunga (Formerly East Coast ) : 15 Dec 2006