Our Story

First Korean Charcoal BBQ in Singapore

Founded with the vision of providing authentic Korean food to both the locals and the Korean community in Singapore, Ju Shin Jung Group of Restaurants have grown from strength to strength. Opening their first restaurant in West Coast before the onslaught of Korean restaurants started in the late 2000s, they quickly gained a base of loyal customers who helped spread the restaurant’s good food and service standards through word of mouth. Gaining traction from this, the second branch quickly followed at East Coast. old

With their brand of delectable food and fantastic service, Ju Shin Jung has gained a loyal following with both native Koreans living in Singapore, as well as the local community, making their restaurants a popular choice for meals.


West Coast : 26 Sep 2003

East Coast : 15 Dec 2006 to 22 February 2017 (Closed)

 Guillemard : 12 Dec 2013 to 19 July 2020 (Closed)

Robertson Walk : 01 Aug 2014

Yunga : 07 March 2017